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Hawaii Wedding Groomsmen Suits

Groomsmen Outfits Rentals

What to wear for Hawaii Wedding.

It is hard to find perfect fit for all men's outfits, matching color pants, matching shirts, matching accessories, etc. That is even harder when everybody live in different area. In Hawaii wedding, people come from different areas. Isn't easier to let your guests to know rent their outfits in Hawaii, so that they do not even need to bring in anything with them?

Lidia Hawaii offers,

  • Matching color vests in variety of colors.

  • Matching pants in white, beige, grey, and dark navy.

  • Just tell us rough sizes before arrivals (few weeks advance preferable.) if you worry about sizing and availability.

  • We rent Jackets also.

  • All necessary accessories also available for rent

  • Hawaiian style? Yes, we have matching Hawaiian shirts for your wedding party in your theme color!



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