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Photography Service in Honolulu

Easy Arrangements for Professional Photography

Do you need a professional photography service? We can arrange an experienced photographer for your events, portrait photos, anniversary photo, or life style photos. We can also arrange a photographer of your language, if you request: Japanese, Korean, and English.

It is easy to search for a personal photographer by Instagram now, but you may not know how good they are. Our experienced photographer is professionally trained and taking thousands of clients per year. Also the photographs are edited by professionals in Hawaii. 

Our photographers know variety of styles, so you can let us know what style of photos you want to take.

Also our photo service includes transportation. You do not worry about parking, getting there on-time, and taking too long for your valuable time on vacation.

Location: Waikiki, Kakaako, Magic Island Beach park, Kapiolani Park, Downtown.

You can pick 1 or 2 locations.


Family Portrait Photo Session

While you are in Hawaii with family, why don't you take family photograph? You can also arrange renting traditional Hawaiian attire for the photo session. It will be great experience and memory for the family.

Family Anniversary Photo

It is great for Year of Coming ceremony photo, or graduation photographs.

It is nice to take photos at the park and beach.

Life Style Photograph

Even you are not here for wedding or honeymoon, it is nice to have professional photo taken as a lifestyle photograph. We recommend to go to Kakaako, or Downtown area to have nice relaxing, stylish photographs taken.

Wedding Dress Photograph

If you have your own wedding dress and want to take professional photos only,(no make up or hair), this option is easy option for you.



-開始:$ 450〜

2018-12-23_Kaori Kaneko様_Family Photo_28


-開始:$ 450〜


If you have any question, please contact us or set up a Zoom meeting to help clarify your questions.

Thank you.

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