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Kimono Hawaii Event

Kimono Events in Hawaii


Kimono needs a professional help to wear and need a lot of preparations, such as special underwear, coordinating collars and obi belt.

It is not like regular clothing. Even Japanese needs professional help to wear Kimono.

The Kimono dressing can costs about $200 even in Japan. 

Lidia Hawaii organizes some casual Kimono events thorough Kimono Hawaii Social Club, to have fun with various Kimono.

Next event will be November 11th, 2023 at the Gedatsu Church Hawaii.

Kimono Events in Hawaii

Event Details


Casual Tea Ceremony

Enjoy Japanese tea ceremony with a tea ceremony master. Enjoy the tea and special sweet.

  • Hari only (Make up is optional

  • Kimono dressing

  • Professional Orographer

$20 + tax


You can add make up in this package.

You can also take photos at the beautiful Japanese temple at the Byodo-in.

If you have your own Kimono, and just need Kimono dressing service, we offer that as well.

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